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Stories Don’t End due out April 9th!

The Avett Brothers climbed my chart quickly…and they’re definitely going to continue rising since I just got The Avett Bros. EP and Country Was. Not to mention that Four Thieves Gone has been on repeat in my car CD player for the last two weeks.


What is up with these bands swinging by the east coast and not playing in Boston or Connecticut?

*eh hem*..Dawes. Unless there’s more dates they haven’t announced yet.

Song On Repeat For The Last Three Days:

Dawes - “That Western Skyline

Retweeted by Dawes! (@dawestheband)
That makes two…social media interactions…with awesome bands. The first being White Denim.
Whoaaa, and they’re also two bands I’ve met and interacted with in real life! Except I’m assuming they don’t remember that.

Lyric-A-Day Project - Day 5:
Dawes - “God Rest My Soul”

You can’t throw something out there without watching it fall
Only thing that’s scarier than dying is not dying at all
So when I have lost all my control
God will rest my soul

Wow, Didot is gorgeous.
Nothing too fancy today, just trying to get letterforms to interact nicely. The black and gold is inspired by the Nothing Is Wrong cover and was the first finished version, but I realized since the song is off North Hills, I should try two colorways.

Awesome 2011 Music Things:

I probably don’t have a broad enough taste or enough exposure to compile a fair and balanced “Rolling Stones-type, must hear, top albums of the year” list. But here’s some of the 2011 albums I listened to that I personally think are the shit along with a track definitely worth checking out. You should listen to some of it…if you want to:

Cornershop And The Double-O Groove Of - Cornershop
groovy as all hell. Listen to "Natch" 

Nothing Is Wrong - Dawes
beautifully written. Listen to "So Well"

Middle Brother - Middle Brother
for namesake (don’t know if I’m using that word correctly), listen to "Middle Brother" 

W H O K I L L - tUnE-yArDs
interesting and insane. Listen to "You Yes You" (<that’s a live version)

D - White Denim
ridiculously talented musicians. Listen to "At The Farm"

Takes Place In Your Work Space EP - White Denim
still talented. Listen to "Handwriting" 
the four-song EP is available for free download I believe

Dawes uses pretty similar, simple song structures in their music, very often with those lyrical variations in the choruses and pre-choruses

and they do it soooooooo well.

Dawes - “A Little Bit Of Everything