chris chew
Recycling last year’s Tumblr post.
It’s like the lag time for an indie movie that gets a mainstream release a year later...right? sure.
Day 03 - Your favorite band member and why.
He has that sweet, slight graveliness to his voice
He seems to write (and live) so genuinely
He plays the banjo
He has an adorable little daughter
He is a talented fine artist
etc., etc….
He is one hell of a beautiful man. 
Joe Kwon’s also the shit.
[30 Days of The Avett Brothers]
I posted this earlier today as an ironic Facebook status. It’s a line from R. Kelly’s song “Don’t You Say No” which is a terrible song about bribing/guilting a woman into having sex. I’ve been listening to White Denim’s killer cover, which I’m assuming they also did humorously.
Since nobody “liked” or commented on it, I’m pretty sure everyone on Facebook doesn’t think it’s funny and thinks I’m a pervert. Or thinks I put out a call for a prostitute via Facebook status.
Eh, I’m okay with that. is mah best fraand Danielle! Even though she’s a destroyer of my hopes and dream, she’s really awesome at art stuff!
(also, I realize I wrote we’ll instead of well.)


I basically put out a cry for help on Facebook to see if any friends could try to get Dr. Dog’s “Control Yourself”/”Warrior Man” single for me, and of all people, my super awesome aunt saw it and got the last copy at Generation Records in NYC! It’s a nice kind of mauve color. I guess having relatives see your stuff on Facebook isn’t always horrible.

Also, “Control Yourself” is the A and “Warrior Man” is the B. Kind of different since “Warrior Man” is on the album, and the price tag also says “Warrior Man.” None of this is important. What is important is I’ve got some new Dr. Dog music on a pretty 7 inch!

My sister is so supportive.