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Titus Andronicus - “Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With the Flood of Detritus

Now there’s miles of angry motorists stretched as far as eyes can see
They are a billion breathing beings each with schedules to keep
They get a long look at the tow truck as they sit and grit their teeth
Hating that which comes between them and their coffee

The thesis [of The Monitor] is that we all have to be accountable for our happiness. Our hero—well, it’s me, but I’ll refer to him in the third person—he’s not necessarily that happy with himself but he finds solace in the self/other relationship, and is able to define himself positively only in relation to others who he defines negatively. The character feels a lot of angst, and ennui, and is able to pass the buck onto the enemy that we hear so much about throughout [the album]. But ultimately, in the end, he finds that’s what the other guys were doing. He finds that in the end, we’re all the same, we’re all slugging it out because it’s something to do, it’s easier than taking responsibility. In the end, nobody wins and nobody ends up making any progress, just like how the Monitor ultimately couldn’t destroy the CSS Virginia. The Virginia ended up being blown up by its own crew, and the Monitor was brought down by engine failure. Ultimately we can only be responsible for our own happiness, our own self-actualization or, if we chose, our own destruction. In the beginning of the record, there’s that quote by Abraham Lincoln that says, “As a nation of free men, we will either live forever or die by suicide.” Our point is that ultimately, we have to be responsible for defining ourselves positively, and not by absence, which is a symptom of our own post-modern nightmare. But ultimately, like any human, I’m just bouncing around on a big old spaceship I can’t possibly understand.
by Patrick Stickles

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Titus Andronicus - The Monitor [2010, 2 LP]

I’ve been drooling over the packaging since I opened this. The layout on the inside of the jacket with Abe Lincoln is especially something to gawk at.

The Monitor is one of my favorite albums, but I don’t think it was made with wax particularly in mind as the end output. The seamless transitions and speeches that bring the story together when listening straight through get interrupted during the flipping between four sides. And the audio quality of my copy seems to be a little lackluster…
But, still an incredible band and album, and exquisite package design (along with the fact that it comes with a download) makes up for it enough for me in this case.

The Avett Brothers climbed my chart quickly…and they’re definitely going to continue rising since I just got The Avett Bros. EP and Country Was. Not to mention that Four Thieves Gone has been on repeat in my car CD player for the last two weeks.



Chris Chew - “Cheer Up! (Secondly)

Kind of a “I’ve been listening to a lot of Nobunny, Deer Tick, Titus Andronicus” song; it’s got the whole modern rock & roll vibe…I think.

Done during Spring break with what must be some of the shittiest instruments in the world, aside from the guitar which I re-tracked in my dorm.

Also, shamless plug number two for mah new blog:

Titus Andronicus - “Titus Andronicus

"Fuck everything. Fuck me."


Music Quiz List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order. Do this before reading the questions below.

1. The White Stripes
2. White Denim
3. The Avett Brothers
4. Dr. Dog
5. The Raconteurs
6. Brendan Benson
7. Loretta Lynn
8. Titus Andronicus
9. The Dead Weather
10. Ingrid Michaelson 

What is the first song you heard by number 6?
"What I’m Looking For" on a commercial for some Apple product, iPod maybe

What is your favorite song by number 8? 
hmm.. there are many, but I love the 14 minute epic, “The Battle of Hampton Roads”

What kind of impact has number 1 had on your life?
Possibly the biggest that any band or artist has had/does have on my life.  Listening to their music is how I started to truly love music, and the reason I experience music the way I do now

What is your favorite lyric(s) of number 5?
"The sun it isn’t hiding when it sets on you / it’s not a coward like me and I know but it’s true" from "Yellow Sun" is what comes to mind

What song by 3 makes you happy?
many.  I’ll say “Laundry Room” and “Slight Figure of Speech”

When did you first get into 2?
Maybe less than a year ago; I was on From the Basement to look for a White Stripes live session video and very luckily, a White Denim video started playing automatically on the page and their sound and energy was entrancing

How did you get into 3? 
I had heard a few songs from people I follow on Tumblr, then I downloaded their Daytrotter session, then bought I and Love and You 

What is your favorite song by 4?
I can pretty much say any of them.  Very recently, “Nobody Knows Who You Are

How many times have you seen 9 live?

Favourite album by 7? 
Van Lear Rose, which makes it sound like I only like her by association with Jack White, but I really do love that album as a whole and have been a country music fan for a while and know more music by her

What is your favorite song of 1? 
^what she said 

How did you become a fan of number 10? 
I heard a friend of mine play some of her songs at an open mic and liked them
[it’s weird; I’ve posted in the past about a lot of what these questions are asking]

What song of 4’s do you listen to the least?
Some of the experimental “noise” tracks on The Psychedelic Swamp

Top 5 favorite songs by 5?
not sure about the order..or even about these five songs really
1. Yellow Sun
2. Level
3. Consoler Of The Lonely
4. Hands
5. The Switch And The Spur 

Have you seen 10 live? 
Yes!! House Of Blues in Boston last October

Have you met 4?
I wish

What’s your favorite album by 1?
Probably Get Behind Me Satan right now

Favorite lyric of 7?
"If this old house could talk what a story it would tell / We built this home together and with love we drove each nail / Take me in your arms and hold me cause we’ve been apat too long / Why if this old house could talk, all it would say is welcome home" - "This Old House"

What is one of 2’s best songs?
"Mess Your Hair Up"

How many times have you seen number 2 live?
Once, and it was fucking mind-meltingly amazing!

Which number have you known the longest? 
1. The White Stripes

What’s your favorite song by number 9?
"Treat Me Like Your Mother" or maybe "60 Feet Tall"

How long have you known 9?
Since their formation in 2009

^shit’s mad long. bed time.

baconisbetterthanlove said: your favorite bands, white stripes, dr. dog, white denim? the raconteurs? aaaanddd the greenhornes?

Pretty spot on..the first three are definitely on top.  I guess those are like my core three bands.  Any spots after that can be any number of bands.  Titus Andronicus is definitely high on my list too

A short clip of Titus Andronicus playing "No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future" from last night.  The footage is really shaky, but it’s all I got because I was busy enjoying every single second of their set.  Also, it gives you an idea of how close I was and how into it the crowd was.

Here’s a full video someone else took:
You can actually see me in front holding up my iPhone taking video.

TITUS ANDRONICUS!!!!  They were amazing at Toad’s Place in New Haven!  Absolutely the most fun show I’ve ever been to.  My asian bud Alice and I were front and center.  They were actually opening for Okkervil River, whom I’d never heard of, but they were okay.  People were way more into Titus though, and it was definitely worth it just to see them.  It’s weird that they’re touring together; I mean Okkervil River was out in suit jackets, poppy rock to kind of dance to, and Titus is just t-shirts and epic rage.
Also, I got to talk to Patrick Stickles!!  He was manning their merch table.  I bought a shirt and got him to sign this flyer…and I guess he hates Against Me! and likes Screaming Females.