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Delta Spirit - History From Below Preview [2010]

Delta Spirit continues to be an inspiration.

Helmo Presents: Delta Spirit “Scarecrow”

sad, beautiful, powerful…

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Beyoncé - “Love On Top" Live at the MTV 2011 VMAs

I’d never watched this performance until earlier today, but holy shit, she killed it! Belting her lungs out at the end…mind-blowing in situation, and even more so with that belly bump.

I haven’t payed enough attention to Beyoncé, clumping her in with terrible radio pop artists for a long time, but I’ve recently realized she’s above and beyond that group. I’ve been getting into 4,and though I’m not absolutely in love with every song, I am so fascinated by her views on music and creativity and what she’s trying to achieve, especially from what I’ve read about her approach to making that album.


Fantastic interview with Toby and Scott about Be The Void.


Dr. Dog on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic (2/10/12)

Slick’s drumming is so smooth
- They kill it on “Do The Trick”
- They end with an amazing version of “The Breeze”
- The things they talk about in the interview part (around 17 minutes in) literally make me smile

The Beatles - “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Anyone heard of this The Beatles band? Iunno when they’re from, but, in this song in particular, it sounds like they are pretty heavily influenced by Dr. Dog…….

Delta Spirit: “California” Lyrics
I want you to move to California for yourself,I want you to find whatever your heart needs,I want you to move to California for yourself, but not for me.I want you to go out there and find somebody else,I want him to treat you like I know he should,I want you to find somebody new for yourself, if not for me.all of the feelings that I know you never felt, and all of the simple words you never said, I want you to keep them like a secret to yourself, they’re not for me. I want you to wander silent past my outstretched arms, I want you to hide yourself from all I see, and though my heart will fight until its dying breath, you’re not for me.
Free MP3 download of “California” at

in the key of B